There's an Iceberg in your Office

Painful smalltalk, silent Zoom calls and ears plugged with don’t-talk-to-me headphones.

Surface-level collaboration, but no team.

AhaSlides is napalm for your iceberg. Melt the frost with live quizzes, fun opinion polls and games designed for groups.

Make a team of friends that get stuff done.

Pro ice smashers with AhaSlides ⛏️

Pro Ice Smashers with AhaSlides ⛏️

Ice-breaking made simple 👇

Make a presentation with interactive slides. Your crew joins on their phones and interacts with your slides!

Readymade Ice Breakers

Team Catchphrase
2 Truths, 1 Lie
Been There, Done That

You’ll find 20+ ready-to-go ice breaker games right on your dashboard!

Build a culture of collaboration

Frozen teams don’t move.

So don’t just swerve that iceberg, smash it. Unfreeze your team and reap the benefits of true collaboration in the workplace.

Connecting Teams
That's AhaSlides.