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Tap into the utmost potential of AhaSlides with the assistance of our own staff and distinguished experts. Webinars takes place every Thursday evening at 8.00 pm (+8GMT) Singapore/Hong Kong time – a night you won’t want to miss!

by Amin Nordin, Head of Growth
9th Feb 2023
8pm (+8GMT)

Creating a shared vision for a team can be a difficult yet rewarding endeavor. It requires deep thought, good communication, and a commitment to understanding one another.

By using questions to guide the conversation and to better understand one another, teams can create a meaningful shared vision that sets the stage for their future together.

In this webinar, Amin Nordin, our Head of Growth, will share his 12 years of experience in creating a shared team vision in rapid growth stages.

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by Ruby Abigail, Community Manager
16th Feb 2023
8pm (+8GMT)

Happiness and productivity in the workplace are often seen as two sides of the same coin.

Engaging team meetings are an important part of achieving a successful and productive workplace.

With this in mind, Ruby, our Community Manager will share tips on  how to have engaging team meetings that can have a positive impact on both happiness and productivity.

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by Audrey Dam, HR Executive
23rd Feb 2023
8pm (+8GMT)

Admiring and inspiring leaders are the key to positive and successful work environments, especially when it comes to the millennial and Gen Z generations. 

Employers who understand the unique perspectives and needs of these young professionals are more likely to be seen as an admirable leader. 

Being a Gen Z herself, Audrey, our HR Executive will share her perspectives on how leaders can be a positive and inspiring example to the upcoming generation.

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