Here's why people are switching
from Kahoot! to AhaSlides

Teachers, team leaders and trivia nuts are finally giving up on Kahoot! Here’s how they’re finding their Aha moment.

AhaSlides vs Kahoot!

What's the difference?

Pricing for people.

You’ll save between 62% and 1,176% with AhaSlides.

Because engagement’s not just for big institutions flushed with cash.

It’s for teachers, trivia nuts and the heroes who make work fun.

Get it all with no paywall.

If Kahoot was a sandwich, its free plan would be wet lettuce.

AhaSlides’ free plan gives you unlimited questions, quizzes and content slides, plus almost all the subscription features.

That’s a sub you can sink your teeth into.

Presentations however you want them.

Your personality is engaging.

AhaSlides helps you bring it out with customisable fonts, backgrounds and logos on a drag and drop editor.

Make something distinctly you. Your audience will go nuts for it.

In one week I was able to do so much more with AhaSlides. I thought "this is the one".
Gervan Kelly
CEO of Quizmasta
AhaSlides Kahoot!
Free plan
Unlimited slides of all types
3 slide types only
Monthly plans from
$29* (only plan available)
Yearly plans from
Education plans from
Import from PowerPoint/PDF
From $29/m*
Import to PowerPoint
From $29/m*
Host private presentations
From $29/m*
From $29/m*
Customisable font
Not available
Customisable background
Not available
Multi-user editing
Not available

*Not including VAT

Free planUnlimited slides of all types3 slide types only
Monthly plans from$24$29* (only plan available)
Yearly plans from$95$204*
Education plans from$35/yr$58/yr*
Import from PowerPoint/PDFFreeFrom $29/m*
Import to PowerPoint/PDFFreeFrom $29/m*
Host private presentationsFreeFrom $29/m*
ReportsFreeFrom $29/m*
Customisable fontFreeNot available
Customisable backgroundsFreeNot available
Multi-user editingFreeNot available

*Not including VAT


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Got concerns?

We hear you.

"But my students love Kahoot"

The colour, the noise, the action. It’s a winning combo for sure.

But, hey, isn’t action better with emojis, celebration effects, music and GIFs?

And seriously, just check out our spinner wheel slide over there 👉 Imagine kids not loving that!

"Doesn't Kahoot have more features?"

Yeah, probably, but they’ll cost you an arm and a leg to use.

You get all this and more for free on AhaSlides…

"But I can make a Kahoot in minutes"

Minutes? Why the delay? Aha’s got you covered in seconds with…

"But Kahoot has one-time plans"

They sure do, but only for people with at least $250 to throw around.

For just $8 you get twice the participant limit on AhaSlides.

And your plan’s valid for a month. Have a fling, not a one-time stand.

Some other interactive tools I've tried are a bit clunky and flat. For me, AhaSlides was the big win.

We're big on business

and you work better with AhaSlides.

We're big on teamwork

We're big on security

Okay, I’m ready. How do I switch?

Good choice!

Try AhaSlides out with a free or Pro account today 👇

Table Header
Participant limit
Unlimited questions
Unlimited quiz
Import from PowerPoint
Data exports
Add audio
Table Header
Participant limit
Unlimited questions
Unlimited quiz
Import from PowerPoint
Data exports
Add audio