About Us

Hey πŸ‘‹ we’re AhaSlides.

Boy, do we have a story for you…

This is Dave

In 2019, Dave was stuck in a meeting room in his native Australia.

Like most people in most meeting rooms, he was bored out of his mind.

He was on the wrong side of another dull, meaningless presentation. It was one of those ones with 50 slides, no visuals and nothing to do but listen and try to stay awake.

But no matter how hard he tried, Dave just couldn’t keep his eyes open.

Before sleep washed over him, he made himself a promise…

I'm going to develop some magical presentation tool to make sure no one feels this sleepy in meetings again.

At the end of the meeting, Dave was shaken awake by Anna from Sales.

He drowsily returned to his normal Australian life.


3 full days of koala hugging, surfing and snags later, he suddenly remembered his sleepy promise…

Presentations need to be interactive. I'm going to make something that can engage an audience, let them get excited and allow them to feel heard.

Dave’s rejected Slap-o-matic X-10

After lodging several failed patents for a robotic glove that slaps you awake every 5 seconds, Dave turned to his computer.

What about interactive software?


He found that the interactive presentation software already out there was too clunky and rigid.

It didn’t scream “fun”, it screamed “buy this and at least you can say you tried.”

Dave’s rejected Slap-o-matic X-10

“Let me have a crack at this” – Dave thought.

A couple of coffees and a few hugged koalas later, Dave had done it…

The world was awestruck

(At least the Australian world was)

They had never seen a tool so intuitive, so flexible and one that could genuinely make meetings a joy to be a part of.

Now they could make their usual presentations but with lots of fun, interactive elements dotted throughout.

For many, AhaSlides could not have come at a better time.

It arrived when motivation was low, turnover was high and employees were starting to ‘quiet quit’ their jobs, leaving productivity in many companies at a bare minimum.

Teams badly needed engagement.

Dave had big dreams to spread the joy of engagement to every corner of the globe, so he started from Hanoi, Vietnam.

He put out the call for engineers, marketers and sales reps with a passion to make work and school a little less boring for millions of people around the world.

Team AhaSlides,

Dave Bui

CEO and Founder

Loi Hoang

Senior Engineer

Huong Nguyen

Software Engineer

Lily Nguyen

QA Engineer

Duke Tran

Head of Operations

Lawrence Haywood

Head of Content

Louise Phan

Customer Success Manager

Joe Tran

Customer Success Manager

Derek Bui

Principal Software Engineer

Huy Tran

Customer Success Manager

James Lam

Senior Software Engineer

Trang Tran

UI/UX Designer

Chau Hoang

VP of Engineering

Ha Tran

HR Manager

Lan Nguyen

UI/UX Designer

Daisy Vu

QA Engineer

Anh Vu

Product Marketing Manager

Chloe Tran

Senior Business Analyst

Alex Nguyen

Video Creator

Leah Nguyen

Customer Success Manager

Lee Do

Software Engineer

Karl Do

Data Analyst

Hai Nguyen

Software Engineer

Nash Nguyen

Software Engineer

Now that's a team!

With all those brilliant new minds under one roof, exciting, mystical things started happening within AhaSlides…

Counter to show it all

Not to mention new integrations, new audience capabilities and about a gazillion new customisation options!

Our Story in Pictures πŸ“Έ

Over the years, the team grew in number and in passion.

We ate, played and travelled together, forming friendships for life and making memories forever ingrained into AhaSlides folklore (like that one time we dared Joe to drink a bowl of fermented shrimp paste and he did).

Our Values

Every decision we’ve made has been based on the 3 core principles of AhaSlides.


Don’t the shy and the marginalised deserve a voice? We think so. AhaSlides allows every user and audience member on our platform the chance to be heard. That’s something we extend to our own team, too.


Us humans need fun and connection; we think having both is the recipe for a joyous life. That’s why we built both into AhaSlides. Hey, it makes our users happy. That’s really our biggest motivator.

No kiwis

No kiwis (bird nor fruit) in the office. How many times do we have to tell you guys? Yes James, your pet kiwi, Maris, is very cute, but dude the floor’s full of her feathers and droppings. Sort it out.

RAQ - Rarely Asked Questions

We can’t lie, these questions don’t come up a lot. Still, in case you’re curious, here are our answers to them…

It would be bad to say Slytherin, right? We’ll go with the one with the badger. Huffleclaw?

Far too long. Next question please.

Hey, a real question! It is and you can! If you’re of sound-ish mind and fewer than 5 transmissable diseases (no limit if working remote), you can check out the available positions on the Jobs page.Β 

It’s pronounced however you want buddy. Most people go with A-hah-slidesΒ but if an Alan Partridge-styleΒ A-haaarrr-slidesΒ is more your thing then just go for it.

And that's our story πŸ“–

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