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Remote HR 101: How Stella Huang Keeps her Global Staff Engaged
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The Challenge

A company with a remote workforce helping other companies manage their remote workforce. Sounds like a remote chance of working out. How can Stella Huang of Velocity Global overcome disconnection amongst her team and her clients when everyone’s simply so far away from each other?

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The Result

After a few ‘connection sessions’ on AhaSlides, Stella and the HR team of Velocity Global noticed more communication between her remote team. They opened up about workplace well-being and challenges in connecting, and curiously, they even managed to find compliance training fun.

What is Velocity Global?

Velocity Global is a platform to help businesses manage their growing numbers of remote and hybrid employees. Ironically (or not), the company’s own workforce is largely remote and hybrid, and it’s the job of Stella Huang, project manager for Velocity Global’s HR team, to keep her widely distributed staff engaged and productive.

The Challenges

Stella and her HR team had a fairly enormous challenge. It was not just one of productivity, in that people needed to be able to work together, but also one of connection. A whole bunch of siloed workers does not make a good company, which is especially important to tackle when the company is in the business of remote work.

AhaSlides really helps to introduce a concept and show how a group of people feel about it.

There's Slido and Kahoot but AhaSlides is still very different - it's quite customisable and easy to use for both user and participants

Stella Huang

Velocity Global

The Results

It quickly turned out that just a couple of presentations with AhaSlides a month was enough to help foster connection between staff who barely ever talked with each other.

Stella found that the learning curve for her participants was non-existent; they got to grips with AhaSlides quickly and found it a fun, useful addition to their meetings pretty much instantly.

Why Velocity Global 💗 AhaSlides


For building connections and improving compliance understanding, quizzes have proved very popular amongst Stella's remote staff.


Stella uses a combination of 3 slide types, Brainstorm, Word Cloud and Open-Ended, to gather and analyse ideas as a group.

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