Working at AhaSlides

Wanna bring joy to millions?
That’s what we do. We could always use some help.

How we Work

We're Flexibile 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

We never want work to get in the way of life. At AhaSlides, you’re free to work how you want – fully remote, fully in-office or hybrid. Need to leave early for dance class? Or start early to avoid taking the kids to school? Our Early Bird policy means you can work around your schedule.

Anh - Hybrid Early Bird


Hybrid Early Bird



In-Office Early Bird



Remote On-Time Bird

We're Free 🦅

You can always spread your wings at Aha. Sure, we’ll hire you as a data analyst, but if you want to try your hand at marketing, UX, or spaghetti architecture 👉 we’ll support youAnd if you’ve got an idea, we’ll always listen to it, even if it’s totally ridiculous.

Leah wew

I started off in content marketing, but transitioned to customer success when I started working remotely from Canada. AhaSlides have made sure I'm always supported and paid in the local currency, maple syrup and hockey pucks.

Alex Designation

I mentioned to Dave (the boss) that I wanted to be more involved in branding, so he excitedly took me for lunch to chat about it. I had to pay (plus takeaway for his dog) but at least I got a new position at the company!

Lawrence Designation

At AhaSlides I always feel encouraged to go all in on my ideas. Good ones, bad ones, wild ones; doesn't matter. I actually had a great idea for a dragon that screams "ARE YOU READY?!" before you present. The team's been working on that for 2 years.

    We're Fun 🎉

    But you knew that already, right? If not then we’ll fire our content guy for getting the tone wrong. We never let work get too serious here. Too much serious work becomes a chore, and who likes chores? Our days at the office are full of music, food, costumes and occasionally dancing. And maybe a bit of work.

    Your Benefits


    You’ll get a generous Health Allowance when you start working with us, which you can use for all sorts of healthy things, like…


    We’d love to watch you grow. Your Learning Allowance helps you get better (at pretty much whatever you want) by supporting you with resources like…


    Oh you like allowances eh? Well here’s another! The Equipment Allowance is for all the stuff you need to do your job better…


    Get away from work. You get 12 days’ paid holiday with AhaSlides (plus more the longer you’re with us) for any trip that suits…

    Far too many Photos

    There’s no way you need to see this many photos of the team.
    But still, look at all the beautiful smiling faces you could be joining!

    Available Positions

    Currently, we have no available positions – sorry about that!

    However, feel free to send us an email at and let us know what job you’re interested in. We’re always listening.