PowerPoint is a snooze.

Wake up your audience with Aha.

Time to lay outdated, one-way presentations to bed. AhaSlides makes them fun, unique and interactive.

10 minutes

The average time audience members can tolerate a PowerPoint before zoning out.

– Forbes –


The percentage of folk who disengage with PowerPoints to check their phones.Ā 

– Prezi –


The number of eggs thrown at PowerPoint presenters yearly by disgruntled audiences.

– Unverified but probably true –

PowerPoint is like dial-up

Once revolutionary, now defunct. The way we digest information has changed since the 80s, but PowerPoint hasn’t. No wonder it’s numbing your audience.

AhaSlides brings them to life

AhaSlides lets your make interactive presentations that people love.Ā Add polls, word clouds and more to your slides.Ā Your audience respond live using just their phones.


The percentage of people who say interaction is the #1 key to audience engagement in presentations.

– Prezi –

Why are people switching to AhaSlides?



In one week I was able to do so much more with AhaSlides. I thought "this is the one".
Gervan Kelly
CEO of Quizmasta

We work together

We don’t want to be responsible for any messy breakups.
Here’s two ways that AhaSlides and PowerPoint can make it work for you.

PowerPoint šŸ‘‰ AhaSlides

Import full PowerPoint presentations into AhaSlides then add your interactive polls, Q&As and quizzes.

AhaSlides šŸ‘‰ PowerPoint

Add AhaSlides’ interactive slides directly into your PowerPoint presentations with the AhaSlides app.

AhaSlides PowerPoint
āœ… (on Web only)
Templates and themes
Add images, videos & audio
Backstage mode
Speaker notes
Presentation export
Polls, Q&As, word clouds...
Live quizzes
Celebrations and reactions
Engagement reports

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Got concerns?

We hear you.

"Hmm, sounds complicated"

We promise, it’s not.

Build your presentation how you normal would with PowerPoint, but sprinkle a few polls and Q&As around.

Your audience join your presentation on phones and interact live!

"But PowerPoint has so many features"

Transitions, animations, frames, masks and about 20,000 ‘PowerPoint hacks’…

…that’s why it takes 3 days to make a presentation.

With AhaSlides’ templates, slide themes and reasonable amount of features, you’re done by dinnertime.

"But I need my audience to self-navigate"

We’ll do you one better.

On AhaSlides, not only can your audience proceed through your presentation by themselves, they can also interact with slides without you there.

That’s a win for dynamic surveys and fun homework.

Some other interactive tools I've tried are a bit clunky and flat. For me, AhaSlides was the big win.

We're big on business

and you work better with AhaSlides.

We're big on teamwork

We're big on security

Okay, Iā€™m ready. How do I switch?

Good choice!

Try AhaSlides out with a free or Pro account today šŸ‘‡

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Unlimited quiz
Import from PowerPoint
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Table Header
Participant limit
Unlimited questions
Unlimited quiz
Import from PowerPoint
Data exports
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