Easy fun this Lunar New Year

Did you know 1/4 of the world celebrates Lunar New Year?

This January, people across Asia and the rest of the globe are gathering for a week of fun, food and, most importantly, family.

As a proudly Asian company, we’re doing the same. We want to share some of the magic of the occasion with you.

Below you’ll find fun templates, a lucky money spinner and some new features to put a spring in your Year of the Rabbit 🐰

Pick your Envelope

🧧 Lucky Money Wheel 🧧

Let your family spin the wheel below and see how much lucky money they’ll get from you this year!

What's New in the Year of the Cat? 🐈

Wait, what? I thought 2023 was the Year of the Rabbit…

You’re not wrong! But here in Vietnam, we switched out the rabbit for a cat. Don’t ask why, it’s a long story.

Anyway, watch the video below to find heaps of new Aha-features for this Year of the Cat/Rabbit 👇

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AhaSlides - Engage Differently

Chúc mừng năm mới, from AhaSlides.

Just one sniff of delicious bánh chưng, Vietnam’s primary Lunar New Year treat, takes me back to my childhood and the magic of the holiday.

30 years later, I’m watching my kids devour their own bánh chưng. For them, Lunar New Year (or ‘Tết’ in Vietnam) is a bit different…

It’s smaller live gatherings and more video calling. Our now global family means we often come together from afar.

At AhaSlides, we’re making these kinds hybrid celebrations easier for families around the world.

With offices and employees in Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines, we’re incredibly proud to be an Asian company with deep ties to Lunar New Year.

We wish you and your family a wonderful new year, wherever and however you’re celebrating.

Chúc mừng năm mới. Happy new year.

CEO of AhaSlides

Dave Bui