…to slay awkward silences and get your team bonding quickly.

There’s an iceberg sinking your team. Cold smalltalk and frosty, silent meetings.

No wonder nothing gets done round here.

Smash the ice and unfreeze your team with the 20+ free ice breakers below!

Grab a free template below and invite your team to join.
You head through the interactive slides and they respond using their phones!

20+ Ice Breaker Templates

The ultimate game of experiences! A great ice breaker to see who’s got a story to share.

The classic get-to-know-each-other ice breaker. Hear 3 stories and decide which one is the lie.

Show new employees how it all works, then test their knowledge with this fun onboarding game.

7 riddles to tackle in small teams. The perfect lateral thinking primer for serious brainwork!

The ultimate Christmas truth or dare wheel! Designed for kids but good for adults as well.

The ultimate say-what-you-see game! 10 English catchphrase questions for team ice breaking.

Get teams back into the swing of things with these fun and quick back-to-work-ice breakers.

Ask ice breaker questions and see how popular each response is in a word cloud.

Casual trivia about your organisation. How well do your crew know your company?

Open the door to creative thinking. Have fun together and unclog the team’s thinking block.

These creative sales games get sales teams having fun and thinking outside the box.

Break ice with this quick and fun sketch game, which has your team using their imaginations.

40 general knowledge quiz questions to really break the ice before a meeting.

The beautiful game makes for beautiful ice breaking within your team. 10 questions – 1 winner!

How quickly can your team recognise these 20 timeless classics from their intros?

Break the ice with your new team. Get everyone involved on the same page with interactivity!

Short, consistent team building is the key. These 5 quick activities will break the ice nicely.

Recognise your staff! Help your team show appreciation for those that make your company tick.

What’s Christmas without mild controversy? 10 ice breakers to light up any Christmas party!

Virtual Christmas Scavenger Hunt

 8 prompts and 2 minutes each – find something that fits the bill and take a picture of it!

Two crazy Christmas scenarios for each question – which one would your players rather do?

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