Holiday Party
Ready to sleigh your holiday party? Get ahead of the holiday bustle and start planning your event today.
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Holiday Pub
Not sure what to book for your Holiday Party? Holiday Pub Party is one of our most popular experiences ever. Plus, everyone can choose their own activity and have a jolly good time!
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It's the season of appreciation! Express your thanks and gratitude to your team with memorable team building activities and thoughtful gift boxes.
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Exploring Native Art
Celebrate Native American Heritage Month in November by learning about Indigenous works of art and culture. Book now while availability lasts!
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Fall Fun
Pumpkin, spice, and everything nice! Capture the changing seasons with activities your team will remember.
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All-Time Favorites

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Our dedicated coordinators will help plan your experiences free of charge, allowing you to focus on your to-do list, while we handle the heavy lifting.

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Curated Collections

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Enrich your workplace with fun, educational experiences designed to promote cultural diversity.

Professional Development

Identify goals and learn soft skills that will help your team succeed.

Virtual Happy Hour

Experience an interactive team happy hour experience from the comfort of your couch. Mixology classes, tastings, and more!

Holiday Party

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we're here to make it extra wonderful with festive holiday team buliding activities.

Fun & Affordable

Fun games and experiences that won't break the bank!

30 Mins or Less

Customize your duration based on your team's needs. Quick 15 & 30 minute experiences that are perfect for teams on the go!


Virtual games designed by passionate professionals and led by engaging hosts.

Laugh Out Loud

Giggle-esque experiences that will get your team laughing and bonding in a new way.

Let's Compete

Engage in some friendly competition with fun games. May the best team win!

Small Groups

Experiences that are best for smaller, tight-knit teams to have fun, get to know one another, and interact.

Large Groups

The more participants, the merrier these experiences.

Cooking Together

Awesome virtual cooking classes that are worth the weight.

Baking Together

Life's batter as a team. Gather your coworkers for a sweet team bonding experience and learn how to bake pretzels, donuts, and more!

Health & Wellness

Promote healthier and happier teams with virtual wellness activities that will have your employees feeling their best.

Unleash Your Creativity

One-of-a-kind creative activities for one-of-a-kind creative people!

Company Celebrations

Commemorate company anniversaries, company milestones, and employee birthdays with a virtual celebration!


Everyday is bring your kid to the office day when you work from home. These kid-friendly activities are great for the little ones to join in, too!


We’ll provide an accessible and affordable shopping list of everything that your team needs to participate in a live virtual class. Great for international teams!

Employee Onboarding

Welcome new hires with engaging onboarding activities like a fun announcement or game to break the ice.

Learning Together

Looking to learn something new with your team? Delve deeper into a specific topic with one of our lecture-based experiences.


Make your interns feel like a part of the team with fun activities, games, and more!

Go Green

Do your part to help the Earth! Go green at work with sustainable and eco-friendly workshops and activities.

All Together

Experiences are better as a team! Participants will remain in the main Zoom room for the whole experience.

International Teams

Global team building activities for teams distributed across the globe.

Canadian Shipping

Got team members in Canada? Send fun, interactive kits to keep your team connected virtually.

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Fun & Affordable

Fun & Affordable

44 experiences

30 Mins or Less

30 Mins or Less

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Laugh Out Loud

Laugh Out Loud

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