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Monthly Meeting Agenda

15   7.1K
Productive team meetings involve everyone.This meeting agenda template lets all staff look back at the previous month to make the next one more fruitful.

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Training Effectiveness Survey

5    8.8K
Make sure your training seminars are hitting their mark. Increase training effectiveness through learner feedback and comments after your training course.

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Project Kickoff Template

10   7.3K
This template helps you check that everyone knows the goals, the roles and the workflow of your new venture.

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Retrospective Template

4   13.0K

Ask the right questions in this retrospective meeting template to improve your agile framework.

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Staff Appreciation

4   150

This template is all about showing appreciation for your staffs' efforts. 

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Quick Team Building

5   17.4K
 This interactive template has quick team building activities for virtual meetings and beyond.

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Company Quiz

6   1.8K
This quick company quiz is a wonderful team building experience and a great bit of fun at the start of end of a meeting.

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End of Year Meeting

10   4.8K
Try out some great end of year meeting ideas with this interactive template! Ask solid questions in your staff meeting and everyone puts forward their answers.

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Team Engagement Survey

5   409
This interactive template allows managers to get feedback from staff in a safe way.

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All Enterprise plans with AhaSlides are either ‘Annual’ plans or ‘Edu’ plans, both of which are charged yearly. Monthly plans are not available.

Yes, you can replace AhaSlides’ branding with that of your organisation.

As many as you need! We offer licenses to anything from tiny teams to big corporations. If requested, we can provide unlimited licenses for your team. 

No – participants of any of your organisation’s presentations simply need an answering device (phone or tablet) and an internet connection. They do not need an AhaSlides account.

Please note that when you contact sales to arrange an Enterprise plan, you will be asked how many presenter accounts you need. Bear in mind that this is the number of people in your organisation who will be presenting with AhaSlides, not the number of participants who will be joining your organisation’s presentations.