Give Us a Game!

Share Your Secrets With Us

Dear Teachers,

Coming up with multiple exciting games for students can be a tricky task. We understand how much time you must be spending coming up with creative games each time.

And when it’s Children’s Day – it’s an even challenging task.

That’s why we want you to have a go-to place for all the interesting games you can play with your students.

All you got to do is share your go-to classroom game with us – the one that always get your students excited. We will compile them and create a perfect customisable template you could use whenever needed. 


Prizes to be Given Away

✔10 lucky teachers will win a small, one-time AhaSlides plan.

✔All the teachers who participated will win the Ultimate Game List for Teachers

The Rules are Simple

  1. This event is limited to Teachers only.
  2. You can have multiple entries. But in one entry, you can only share one game.
  3. Please remember to bookmark this page to click on the link to log more points. We will tally your submission to your points.
  4. Sharing your unique link with your teacher friends carries the most points. 
  5. Getting more points result in higher chance of being the top 10 lucky winners.
  6. We will contact all participants via email. In the event you’re not reachable via email, we will reach out to you through WhatsApp.