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How Abu Dhabi University Soared Student Engagement

The Challenge

Students of Abu Dhabi University were not engaged in their learning. Lectures were delivered one-way and there was no room for interactivity or creativity, leaving many students disinterested in their own chosen topic.

The Result

Abu Dhabi University boosted students’ learning through AhaSlides. In the first 2 months’ of the partnership, they had received 45,000 student interactions across presentations throughout the university.

Who are ADU?

Established in 2003, Abu Dhabi University (ADU) is one of the newer universities in the Middle East, but it has quickly established a celebrated prestige and a driving ambition. Their goal to become the leading educational institution in the Arab region is partly based on one principle: pairing students with interactive technology to improve the quality of education.

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The Challenges

Dr. Hamad Odhabi, director of the Al-Ain and Dubai campuses of ADU, observed students in lessons and identified 3 main challenges:

anamika mishra

I had used interactive tools like Kahoot, Quizizz and common whiteboards on Teams. My first impression of AhaSlides was that it had a really smooth integration of lecture components with interactive ones.

Dr. Anamika Mishra

Professor of Design, ADU

The Results

ADU contacted AhaSlides for 250 Pro Yearly accounts and Dr. Hamad trained his staff how to use the software in order to raise engagement in lessons.

In the first 2 months, lecturers created 8,000 slides, engaged 4,000 participants and interacted 45,000 times with their students.

alessandra misuri

I used other interactive presentation software, but I found AhaSlides superior in terms of student engagement. Furthermore, the look of the design is the best between competitors.

Dr. Alessandra Misuri

Professor of Design, ADU

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