Use Case

How Remote Skills Academy teach hundreds of students creative writing remotely.

Client Info

The Remote Skills Academy is an impact-focused education platform for Indonesians who want to learn to work online, build successful remote careers and live life on their own terms.

They provide an opportunity for Indonesians to adapt and thrive in the future of work.

The Challenge

In a traditional creative writing class, students would write and share paragraphs of their work. Thereafter as a class, students would present and receive feedback from their class mates.

This active feedback loop allows students to understand how their writing affects the readers.

"It was impossible to capture that essence in a Zoom meeting."

The Solution

Teachers in Remote Skills Academy utilised AhaSlides Open Ended Slide types effectively for this exercise.

The built in timer allows the teachers to enforce a time-limit on students. As the students write a 500 word paragraph, they can quickly read through other students submission.

There after, it was easy and enjoyable for the whole class to review and feedback on each other’s work. With the edit function, students were able to edit at real-time. 

Finally, teachers were able to export and allow students to download the submissions for future reference.



November 25, 2020

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