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Meet The QuizMasta, the moonlight motivator for unegaged teams.
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The Challenge

In March 2020, Gervan Kelly was looking for a super affordable way to keep his isolated community together and engaged during COVID-19 lockdown. After that, the challenge became how to engage remote colleagues and improve collaboration at work.
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The Result

Gervan started by holding weekly quizzes on AhaSlides, helping his community get over the worst of lockdown. This act of kindness eventually blossomed into a full business, The QuizMasta, with which Gervan runs team building trivia experiences on AhaSlides up to 8 times a week.

What is The QuizMasta?

The QuizMasta is a trivia-based team building experience for remote companies, charities and youth groups. It was (literally) dreamt up by Gervan Kelly, who was hit by the idea at 5am, and by 7am, had created his first quiz on AhaSlides.

He started hosting free quizzes to help his community through COVID-19 isolation, then soon transitioned to motivating employees who had lost their sense of engagement and collaboration at the law firm where he works.

His quizzes were a huge hit and he soon found himself contacted by other companies like Vodaphone to help raise engagement amongst their staff.

The Challenges

Gervan found that both his local communities, and his remote colleagues, were meeting the same problem due to the pandemic.

My players love AhaSlides, too. I'm getting feedback from when I host - they think it's incredible!

Gervan Kelly

The Quizmasta

The Results

Gervan took to quizzes like a duck to water. 

What started out as a charitable endeavour very quickly led him to hosting up to 8 quizzes a week, some for large companies who found out about him purely through word-of-mouth.

And his audience has been growing since.

Staff at Gervan’s law firm like his quizzes so much that they request individual team quizzes for each holiday.

“Every week we’re having epic finales,” Gervan says, “the difference between 1st and 2nd is often only 1 or 2 points, which is incredible for engagement! My players absolutely love it”.

Why The QuizMasta 💗 AhaSlides

The Leaderboards

Dramatic quiz finishes are fantastic for team building. There's always shared suspense and laughs when the final scores are shown.


With no funding, Gervan needed the most affordable quiz platform around. He first explored Kahoot and Slido but eventually decided on AhaSlides.

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