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The Challenge

Ferrero have a philosophy – Ferrirità – the love for things done the right way, the respect for consumers, the attention to quality and the use of extraordinary creativity in the house of the chocolate giants. Virtual training coordinator, Gabor Toth, needed a fun, inclusive way to teach the ways of Ferrirità, all while building the teams that would be implementing it throughout their work.

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The Result

Using AhaSlides, Gabor can see participants have huge amounts of fun, work well together in their teams, contribute more and learn the true meaning of Ferrerità. On Gabor’s recommendation, other regional managers of Ferrero have also adopted AhaSlides to train their own teams, and now large annual events are run using the interactive platform.

Who are Ferrero?

To most, this is a question with an immediate and obvious answer. The Italian chocolate extraordinaires have been around since 1946; a family business started by Pietro Ferrero in Piedmont, Italy.

Today they produce some of the most beloved and recognisable chocolate products in the world (think Ferrero Rocher, Nutella and Kinder Surprise), all under the stewardship of Giovanni Ferrero, grandson of Pietro.

The Challenges

Gabor Toth, talent development and training coordinator for 7 EU countries, describes Ferrero as a family company with a focus on the traditional. As employee engagement becomes more and more important for modern companies, Gabor wanted to bring Ferrero into today’s inclusive world. He needed a tool to help him to teach the way of Ferrirità – Ferrero’s core philosophy – through fun, two-way interaction, rather than dictation. 

It's a very very fun way to build teams. Regional managers are super happy to have AhaSlides because it really energises people. It's fun and visually attractive.

My participants really really love it. It's something they've never experienced before.

Gabor Toth

Talent Development and Training Coordinator, Ferrero

The Results

Employees are super enthusiastic participants of Gabor’s training sessions. They love the team quizzes and regularly give him hugely positive feedback (9.9 out of 10!)

Gabor has spread the good word of AhaSlides to fellow regional managers, who have adopted it with vigour for their own training sessions, all with similar results…

Why Ferrero 💗 AhaSlides

Flexible & affordable pricing for plans
Team quiz with customisable rules
Word cloud, scales and polls for feedback
Brainstorming topic ideas for the next session

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