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Academic Tutoring
Centers and a staggering
95% student engagement rate

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The Challenge

As if providing charitable education to disadvantaged students isn’t enough of a challenge, Academic Tutoring Centers really felt the bite during COVID lock down. Vice president of school partnerships, Yuval Trachtenberg, began looking for affordable solution that would keep students engaged and enrollment high through online learning. 

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The Result

After introducing AhaSlides to his lessons, Yuval recorded an incredible 95% engagement rate across all of his lessons. He continues to use AhaSlides in both live and online classes, and regular surveys show overwhelmingly positive results to his interactive lessons. 100% strongly agree or agree that lessons with him are personally meaningful and helpful.

Who are Academic Tutoring Centers?

To Academic Tutoring Centers (ATC), education is not something you sell, it’s something you provide. They’ve been doing that for over 30 years.

ATC’s mission is clear – to make sure disadvantaged students have access to quality education and test prep. They offer veterans, kids from low socioeconomic backgrounds, even remote schoolchildren in Ghana, the chance to reach higher education.

By his own admission, ATC tutor and Vice President of School Partnerships Yuval Trachtenberg knows it’s not a very lucrative business. But when the challenge is setting up underpriveleged students for life-long success, the reward is far greater than the profits.

The Challenges

You’ve heard this story before – an education centre, that in 2020, found itself rocked by the COVID pandemic. Students were moved to online learning but struggled to stay engaged with their lessons, and with the ever-hanging threat of minimal funding, ATC faced mass student dropouts if they didn’t change their approach.

CEO Jim Giovannini tasked Yuval with finding a solution that didn’t break the bank, either for students or for the already financially challenged company.

The reactions from the students is extremely positive. They love it and have a great time in class. The school administration think it's the best thing they've seen!

AhaSlides were great in giving us a really fair price to help us do what we're trying to accomplish with our disadvantaged students.

Yuval Trachtenberg

Tutor, Academic Tutoring Centers

The Results

Students instantly fell in love with the interaction. Yuval was blown away by the data and the feedback.

Across all presentations since ATC signed up with AhaSlides, they’ve registered an outstanding 95% student engagement rate. It’s been way beyond what Yuval ever expected.

Not just that, but in regular surveys, 100% of students strongly agree or agree that Yuval’s interactive sessions are meaningful and helpful. 

The response has been so good that Yuval made the decision to use AhaSlides in conferences at which ATC speak. The reactions amongst his audiences are much the same as with his students: shock, smiles and an eagerness to participate.

Why ATC 💗 AhaSlides

Personalised Pricing

Even after students fully returned to the live classroom, AhaSlides continued to offer ATC their introductory rate.

Fun Quizzes

Interactive quizzes and leaderboards are a great way to get students excited for test prep!

Idea Slides

Students are encouraged to share opinions about the topic at hand through open-ended questions, word clouds and brainstorm slides.

Inbuilt GIFs

GIFs on questions and content slides makes for a relaxed, fun atmosphere in lessons.

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