Our elves just dropped

right under your tree 🎄

Ready-to-go games, ice breakers and quizzes to help you and your Christmas crew really get into the spirit of the holidays.

Be the ultimate holiday host this year!

Go unwrap your gifts! 🎁

A collection of controversial(ish) Christmas questions. Great for friends and small meetings!

The best Christmas quiz to connect families. A simple quiz covering film, music, images and culture.

Hear those sleigh bells jingling? This quiz is all about festive music throughout the years.

Say what you see in this 10-question Christmas-themed catchphrase game!

Show pictures of your players as kids at Christmas – everyone has to guess who is who.

Who’s been naughty and nice? Find out with this festive spin on a traditional ice breaker.

Get the kids using their brains this Christmas! Here are 10 quick riddles to test their lateral thinking.

A game for kids to claim top elf position by writing as many Christmas words as fast as possible!

The ultimate Christmas truth or dare wheel! Designed for kids but good for adults as well!

A bunch of kid-friendly Christmas questions – ideal for social entertainment at school or home!

4 loaded giveaway wheels for Christmas at school, work, home or a pub quiz!

Spin the wheel and sing along to 15 Christmas songs, then rate each singer on their skills!

20 qustions on the ultimate Christmas tradition – movies around the fire.

10 Christmas movies – players decide whether they’re real or just a bunch of humbug!

20 questions of iconic Christmas images from movies, animals and around the world.

 8 prompts and 2 minutes each – find something that fits the bill and take a picture of it!

Goop’s yearly gift guides are a trove of absurd products at insane prices. Your players just guess the cost!

Two crazy Christmas scenarios for each question – which one would your players rather do?

This 10-question quiz tests what your players know about celebrations outside of Christmas!

Celebrate your team’s wins of 2022 with festive spirits. A great way to fortify a solid team going into the next year.

AhaSlides - Engage Differently

Christmas is the time to come together and connect.

Does Christmas for you feel different to when you were a kid?

For me, it absolutely does.

Sure that’s down to a healthy dose of nostalgia (and because Blockbuster is no longer around), but it’s also because of more distant relatives, higher expectations and shorter attention spans.

At AhaSlides we value connection.

We’re more than ‘interactive presentations’, we help people talk, play and be heard with their loved ones.

We don’t want to change how we do Christmas, we want to ensure that connecting over the holidays is as fun and meaningful as it was when we were kids.

We hope these free templates help you do that.

CEO of AhaSlides

Dave Bui